Thursday, March 23, 2017


I'm not a chandelier person---definitely a lamp lover, but chandeliers are just not my thing. This week my budget for the auction was very meager: while out in the garden this morning, I set my goal to spend $100 and make $2000 with that little bit of investment. I know that it sounds a little bizarre, but it is possible to do that---God must be in the mix to make it happen.
I arrived a little late--I'd run out of coffee; so I was really lagging with just the hint of the beginning of a caffeine withdrawal headache (not very auspicious for bidding); fortunately, the auction has pretty good coffee.
I watch and amble around and watch and wait patiently---and then, all of a sudden, after almost 2 hours of faithfully paying attention I spot a Venetian chandelier that tickles my fancy. It was on a rack with another two chandeliers (good ones)--when it was the Venetian's turn at the auction block, the auctioneer announced that "it had parts in a box"---I guess most bidders thought that Sean (auctioneer) had meant that it was broken. So at under $100, I had to take the risk that the chandelier was complete. Big Murano/Venetian chandeliers usually go for quite a bit of money.....take a look: the chandelier measures 48"high x 30"wide. You can see the parts in the box below--those are the parts of almost all of a second identical chandelier that my lighting person can assemble with a few added parts. I think this chandelier dates to the 1950's.

I pulled this photo from 1stdibs for comparison--this guy dates to the 1940's so it is more frou-frou, but it is very similar and about the same size.

The 1stdibs chandelier is priced at over $6500; mine will be a whole lot less--I love passing on the blessing to my wonderful clients.

   The key to buying (or any adventure) is to keep an open mind.

Jones' eye appears to improve every day and it seems as if his sight is returning. And I'm grateful, I thought he would probably loose his sight completely.

Well, it's off to bed.


Mary & Jones & Cole  

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