Sunday, July 22, 2018

BEFORE & AFTER --A little chair's journey

Lalo brought back the little 18th c. provincial French chairs yesterday......and they look so chic and of the  moment as opposed to the "bordello" red that they were dressed in at auction. Lalo can do an absolutely amazing job when he's focused (at other times--he's a little distracted. Insert unhappy face here.). He did a bang-up job on these guys....

From the outside, the chairs appeared to be very stable, but when he took off the old upholstery, the chairs needed to have the "blocks" and legs tightened/stabilized to get them ship-shape for another 200 years of life. 
Here is what these guys look like now. The putty-toned 100% raw Belgium linen has undertones of silver that bring out the deep natural patina of the frames. The original chair finish was a classic French greenish putty color which has turned into this amazing patinated suface.

Don't they look snappy? Patinated nail heads, too!! Love you--Lalo. (I'll be really sad when I use up all of this great fabric as it suits so many different style of furniture without being a boring simple linen.)
Lalo also brought back Gerry's pair of mid-century Venetian gilt "grotto" chairs. Here's what they looked like before Lalo (sorry about the poor quality of photo) (that fabric does nothing for the chairs)......

And here's what these iconic carved Gold Leafed Shell back "Grotto" chairs look like now

We had a length of very high-end Italian silk velvet in this deep blush tone. Lalo put nail heads on these guys, too--just a bit of extra pop!!
Well, it's going to be a scorching week and I'm not anticipating leaving the beach to work in LA and Pasadena....we're usually about 10 to 15 degrees cooler (sometimes more).
Jones is not doing that well--I'm taking him to a veterinary chiropractor next week. That pinched nerve is really slowing him down (but not when it comes to stealing cat food).

Sending blessing for the coming week.

(I hate mention mr. small t--but we need to get together to pray for our nation and the members of both the Senate and House to bring them to the level of patriots.)

Mary & Jones & Cole

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