Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I guess a little rain needs to fall once in a while. The above shots were taken of one of my period Art Deco Consoles (that took me a year to restore) by Alfred de Porteneuve (nephew of Ruhlman)

--that little damaged spot (the worst electrician in the world did it) is probably going to cost me about $400-$500 to repair: the entire top will need to be stripped, new section of macassar spliced in and then you must add in the transportation charges back and forth to restorer......... That is cement dust on the piano lacquer finish which, bien sure, has scratched the finish because someone decided to be helpful.........(please do not dust for me).

Here's a photo of the Anglo-Indian cock fighting chair at my upholsterer's shop--Lalo messed up the first time around. This time it's much better (but why can't he simply do what I ask the first time?). Hopefully those Paul McCobb-style ottomans are done right. The color is actually a light acidy-green (I think??) 
Sticking with Lalo and upholstery.......Gerry bought this pair of 40-50s round-tube side chairs.

But they needed new (old) bark cloth--and look at what I found on eBay (just the right amount, barely)

I love the vintage bark cloth--Lalo really struggle to have enough fabric. 
And finally... We're looking at this set of four (very poor condition) Edward Wormley for Dunbar open arm chairs. This particular auction house is known for having basically nothing but junk. That said, we have gotten a few very choice pieces from them. Of course, I went on a hunt to see if I could find other chairs like them.

And look what I found--apparently this is a rather rare model of Wormley chair

So I think we'll be making a run for these guys--once Roberto and Lalo get their hands on them, the chairs will look fantastic. Wish us luck, please.

It's finally gotten a little chilly around here: lots of rain on Thursday, which means snow on our local mountains--and we'll be getting more rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you--we definitely need the rain!!

I watched some of the National Memorial Services for President Bush, a man of honor and dedication to our Nation. I wonder what would have been the course of history if he had been elected to a second term? Second Iraq war? I doubt it. Mr. small "t"elected? I doubt it. I pray that our next president will walk in the honored foot steps of President Bush.

Sending blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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