Thursday, January 24, 2019


Well, besides the iron table base (coming up later), there was this very large--perhaps 48"h x 18"w copper enamel art work. I love this piece and I think we'll buy it. There's a bit of damage, but I think that our restorer, Debra, can fix it. It reminds me of the works of Antoni Clave, my favorite 20th c. Spanish artist who was a cohort of Picasso and Miro.

Next up for possible snag:

G adores this table/console. It probably dates to the 1980s and is beautifully created. The cast brass swans are weighty and finely detailed. The element that is truly catching my eye is the brass bevel that is set into the thick glass top-and let's not forget that gorgeous black lacquered plinth. Very Palm Springs. This will not be a sleeper.
And now for my sleeper of the the front of the "pile" is this French wrought iron table. I think that it might be a late 19th c. butcher's table used for displaying choices pieces of meat. (But I'm not really sure)--at one point it probably had a marble top which I'll replace with smoked glass. The shelf at the bottom was used for additional cuts of meat or sausage (I think).

I love the deep natural patina and the unusual bombe form--look at the curl of the feet. I know that the iron is pretty rough, but it has so much character. With Roberto's sure hands giving the table a little love, it will be perfect.
Next possibility--probably a yes--is this little steel table. We both love it--it has perfect form and proportions and it's simplicity makes it super appealing.

There is this amazing Bustamante coffee table which we will not be bidding on. At first glance it looks fantastic and a true winner, but studied in detail--not so much. Check out the damage to the brass paneling--tons of dents--it looks like some one got angry and instead of kicking a wall, kicked the table.

Of course there is one lot that is pulling at my heart strings

This gentleman is beautifully painted. The photo does not do the paintings justice......maybe he will be a sleeper, too.
Oooooooops, almost forgot, we love this trio of iron brutalist abstract sculptures. They are great and huge!!

Ok, maybe one more lot

I love this set of four scolloped English mid-19th c. plates and they are all in great condition. Who can pass up English Imari?

Well, it's off to bed........need to get up super early and get out the door--something I seem to have trouble doing lately.

Blessings for the day......
Mary & Jones & Cole

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