Monday, September 7, 2020


I can't believe that it has been a month since I lasted posted. No excuses....just super busy and challenged by my meager photography skills--and not enough space to take photos.
But.........I have to brag.....In March, just before everything shut down, I bought this pair of A. Rudin (one of the best American upholstered furniture manufacturers) at my auction for a fraction of their original cost.

As we all experienced, everything shut down and the chairs hid in my garage for months. I knew that I wanted to take the frame away from boring traditional. I kept eyeing my daughter's African mud cloth textiles that she had scattered around the house. And then Dao (daughter) led me to African Ndop ceremonial textiles and I was hooked. Needless to say, Ndops are quite pricey, whereas mud cloth pieces are quite within my budget. Dao went to the Long Beach Veteran's Swap meet 3 weeks ago and via photo I purchased 4 vintage mud cloths and 1 vintage Ndop textile. (The merchant fell in love with Dao--she's gorgeous--and reduced the price by 50% just for her) The Ndop is on the backs........Lalo brought the chairs back yesterday and I have been on a high ever since. Lalo did the most amazing job of following my instructions to the most minute detail--everything is centered, lined up matching, etc., etc., etc. There are four separate textiles in each of these chairs--amazing.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to work with the talented and faithful people that enable me to do whatever it is that I do without having to worry about level of workmanship and dedication to quality. I also value their input on my creative ventures.

It has been incredibly hot here in Los Angeles. Yesterday, it was 114 in the shade in Pasadena. Cooler at the beach, but still hot. Our fires are still burning with people being evacuated. Please send a few prayers our way--we desperately need a few good soaking rains--but no downpours--to put the fires out.

Less than two months 'til November 2. Please consider volunteering and donating and encouraging everyone you know to vote. This is the most important election of our Democracy. I pray for truth and no outside (or inside) interference in our election. God help us.

Must get off to bed--blessings for the week.


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  1. Uooo...I'm Googling African Mud Cloth right now -- I need new sofa pillows. (You have so enlarged my decorating world and I thank you.) Watch the news: Trump's house of cards is crumbling - every day a new tell-all book.