Thursday, September 24, 2020


 This has been a very tough month so far. The trials of the last four years which seem to worsen every day, COVID, the deaths of so many black citizens, the riots the Western fires (The Bobcat fire is really close), and now the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg have all impacted me directly. Much has been said about Justice Ginsburg over the last few days--so I will not add my two cents--but if I were ever to get a tattoo (and I am opposed to body art), a little tiny RBG on my left wrist would be appropriate for me and a reminder to always keep on fighting for equal justice for all human beings. Of course, I'm very concerned that Herr Trump and his accomplices will ram through another despicable Supreme Court appointment. I am very concerned for our WE MUST VOTE.

Roberto and I have been very busy reorganizing (I had to find a couple inches for all of our new inventory).... Those beds are very special--a Pair of French faux bamboo beds are almost impossible to find and these guys were in great shape. And next to the beds is a Deco Bamboo writing table and then there is the Gustavian stool and the period Louis XVI stools... and let's not forgot the Billy Haines Opaline glass lamps!! A lot goin' on!

And I thought I'd add a little bit of "tacky/cool" to the 

newest space

Gerry and I are getting ready for winter nights when you want to be surrounded by the glow of a fire--so we've been busy acquiring log bins.....
First up: A 19th c. English copper coal skuttle (large enough for logs, too) which has a wonderful deep patina, hairy paw feet and lion's head handles.

This bin is typically Victorian in form but showing Regency influences. 
Next Up: A large French late 18th/early 19th c. Armorial brass log bin detailed with ferocious lion head handles, raised fleur-de-lys and, of course, the raised armorial crest.

We bought this amazing "perdonium" (fancy word for coal skuttle) about 6 weeks is gorgeous. It shows a bit of age (patina) and has a couple of dents to the top--but it is definitely late 18th or early 19th century English--look at that solid cast finial, hairy paw feet and lion's head handles--very chic.

And then, the piece de resistance is my large English Peat Bucket from last year... what more could we want?

Well, it's late.

And I'm missing Ruth Bader Ginsburg's presence.
I know that we will have another warrior for justice arise, but right now, existence is a little more tenuous without her.

Blessings for the week. Stay safe and healthy.


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  1. Hope all is well for you and wishes for a happy holiday season.