Friday, October 19, 2012



Yesterday was Thursday, which means auction day. But I felt certain that I was supposed to be at the shop...what to do?  I stopped at my favorite Thursday haunt and saw the most gorgeous, to die for, huge English style carved wing chairs in a perfect pale blue-gray linen and in perfect condition....I started drooling......but still felt that I needed to be at the shop for no particular reason. 
I left and called my friend and neighbor, Roy, who offered to bid on them for me since he wasn't interested. I set my mark at $1000 for the pair. That is quite a chunk of change for a pair of vintage chairs, even if they were fantastic.

I arrived at the shop convinced that a huge sale was just waiting to happen....I waited, and waited and waited expectantly....Just as I was thinking of leaving to avoid the horrendous Thursday traffic (and being a bit puzzled as to the fact that no one even the slightest bit interesting had come in), a charming pair of ladies stopped to study my chinoiserie Marbro Lamps

We started talking, they were dealers from Seattle and I realized that I recognized her shop as being on 1stdibs.  We chatted some more and she was interested in several other items. In a short period of time we realized that we had many connections and interests in common--I love it when that happens.
I gave the Seattle dealer great quotes on what she was interested in and then had to leave to hopefully miss the TRAFFIC and stay with THE GIRLS while their parents went out. (I followed up my visit with the Seattle dealer with an email firming up the quotes)
When I got home, I tallied up the dollar amount of the items that this dealer is interested in and that amount exactly matched the dollar amount that I had set as my goal for the day. I really don't know if any of these quotes will develop into sales, but I do know that I needed to be at the shop for a specific unknown reason and I followed the nudge. 
Inspiration is great, but without follow through--doesn't count for much. It is all in the listening and acting.  I think I'm finally listening.

And the to-die-for wing chairs sold for $1750--way more than I was willing to spend (but I'm still drooling).

Have a wonderful inspiration-filled week-end.
Mary and Jones (& Cole)


  1. I believe nothing "just happens". Everything happens for a reason. You were where you were supposed to be. Who knows? You might just see those chairs again, some like them, or some even more drool-worthy than those at the auction (and perhaps at an even better price). And, sounds like you may have the makings of what could be a mutually enjoyable relationship with this dealer. Good post!

    Karen T.

  2. Hi Karen, Yes, that is exactly what I think! All of the amazing connections that we experience in life are intended. And an expanded relationship is already in the works. Thank you.

  3. Mary,
    I hope the quotes come through and you get the sales. I can totally relate here! Sorry about the wing chairs.....and I agree with never know ;)

  4. Hi Loi, I've been thinking of you guys in DC with approaching storm. Hopefully, it will not develop into quite the monster storm that it is predicted to be. Thanks for your comment....I just sold the lamps to an incredible designer--I will miss them!
    Be well,

  5. Thanks, Mary! We made it through Sandy okay!! So fortunate we are. The poor people in New Jersey, Lower Manhattan, disturbing to watch the news.

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