Sunday, July 28, 2013


For me, right now, this highly detailed "Peacock Chair" represents so many of the elements that makes a particular design a "Great Design."
Yes, its material is very humble--simply rattan, a simple fiber--no highly figured precious woods, no applied finish what-so-ever, not even hardware--no gold or silver gilt work--just simple rattan.
But look at the detailed design of the weaving--everything is perfectly executed and balanced. Notice how the internal side of the arm rest has three strands of rattan while the exterior has only one large strand, but all is balanced. Throughout the design the element of 3 strands of rattan is repeated bringing harmony to the chair.

There are a multitude of design details that make this chair outstanding, yet none appear to be superfluous to the overall design--amazing.
I had intended to have a great mid-century Danish desk be the focus of our space, but the desk I have decided to use this humble rattan chair as the main design eye-catcher....I like its humility and its spunk. Although the chair dates to the late 1960's or early 70's, it is in almost mint condition (one little stand of rattan has split on the back) and it definitely stands proud and says LOOK AT ME.
Another unusual detail is that the chairs has kept its little side table/stool--so cute. It has had a bit more use, but is still in great shape.

I love to see great new designs that stay true to the ideals of creativity, quality and durability. Designs that are able to bridge the gap between the very refined and the humble.
Moving Tuesday; I'll post photos of The Peacock when she is all settled in.

Have a wonderful week.
Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. It is a beautifully executed design and appears in perfect condition, Mary!

    2013 Designer Series

  2. Hi Karena,
    Hope that you are having a fantastic week!!!

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