Saturday, July 18, 2015


Jones went to the groomer yesterday--doesn't he look handsome? And, best of all, he is almost fully recovered from vestibular desease. It is hard to believe that my boy had his 9th birthday earlier this month.
And now for an update shot of Cole who pretends to be not too smart.

And finally an update on Mia

That's Mia in back with her older sister, Lauren, trying to brush Jones before he went to the groomer. As you can see, Jones is much bigger than Mia, but she managed to overcome her fear of him and took him on a walk "all by myself"--Jones loves the girls and will just about let them do anything to him (within reason and within about 2 hours of their coming to visit. After that, he's done with the show). Mia continues to flourish. You would never imagine the 1.5 years that she went through with the brain tumor. She's just a normal 4 year old. Yes, she must be on heavy supplemental hormones and constant monitoring at Children's Hospital Orange County and St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Tennessee and her parents do receive $90,000 dollar healthcare bills (Oh, Yes!). But her Dad was fortunately to have excellent insurance and there have been many blessings. Mia has started to grow with the start of replacement growth hormones and she's catching up with her sisters. We are all so grateful for all of the prayers that were offered for Mia's healing. Thank you.
Have a wonderful summer week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary it is wonderful to see Mia doing so well and having fun with her sister with Jones and Cole nearby! Yes Jones looks quite handsome after his grooming! LOve and hugs to all!

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