Saturday, November 21, 2015

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY...............

My Mac Book went to the doctor last week for a check up/clean up. Well, I decided to go for the whole tamale: I got a new hard drive and new 4 gigs of ram plus a clean up. My boy is like new only better and all for a fraction of what a new laptop would have cost. The only drawback is that the computer issues kept me from posting and you know the rest....just couldn't get back into the swing of writing...... 
I have been so incredibly blessed--life is just humming along with business being good and my buying has been spot on. For me, acquiring an item is not just about the act of buying or bidding it is the serendipitous (yes, I spelled that right the first time) nature of The Hunt. When I buy "right" I feel that I have listened to a little voice and that God is dropping presents in my lap. So here are a few of the latest presents.

This is one of four engravings that called to me a couple of weeks ago at preview. I had never seen anything quite like these amazing hand-colored prints. I'm not a print expert, but the paper seemed "right" to me for 17th or 18th c. engravings; the coloration was sharp and obviously hand done (perhaps a little later than the date of the prints); the gold leaf framing was respectable, although I probably wouldn't have chosen a deep rose/almost burgundy for the mats, and the grouping of four framed engravings is highly decorative. 

I had to search the internet inside and out to find another similar celestial map, but I finally did find another example. My celestial maps are four of a set of six celestial maps by Ignace Gaston Pardies (1636-1693). These maps most probably date to 1693 when a revision was issued. What I've discovered is that the original maps are extremely rare (even a single folio) and I have 4. They are have been trimmed, but the margins are still wide. I've sent the images off to a well-respected map dealer/appraiser; so we'll see what comes of this adventure. Note: they were not inexpensive--I just acted on a hunch. Here is one of the four in its frame and rose mat (the photo is not great--my new Iphone Plus is taking better photos than my good Canon....)

Next up on the gift list is a pair of late 19th/early 20th c. Chinese pigskin trunks painted in court scenes. These trunks were made for domestic use and were very common. But to find a pair in this condition that retain their original stands is unusual. The painted figural detailing is still in near mint condition with just the right amount of patina. Roberto worked his magic on them with just a very minor amount of restoration and a good cleaning and waxing.

I also purchased a Chinese Export (for the European market) leather and brass studded trunk that dates to the English Regency period (early 19th c.), but this guy needs a bit more work......he will wait for another post.
And, of course, I had to buy some lamps and these are beauties: a pair of late 1950's Paul Laszlo apple green bases in a crackle finish. Finding (and selling) great mid-century lamps is not an easy task--I think that thee are pretty great. There is a tiny tiny flake to the glaze on one of the lamps which I will have restored.

(Best of all, I had the shades on hand as I had pulled them off another pair of lamps--these shades run over $110/each as they are made here in California to the highests standards)

Here is an update on the contemporary Japanese lithographs that I have had framed

And now I must admit to being very, very bad. Despite the fact that I do not seem to be able to sell any chairs, and despite the fact that I promised to shoot myself if I bought any more chairs, I couldn't resist this pair of c. 1940's walnut framed bergeres. They are big and roomy (not like the petit ones I'm usually attracted to (I'm not tall). But how could I resist? That curvy walnut frame is so unusual and sooooo sexy. I think I'm going to reupholster the pair in a dark gray 100% linen fabric--THOUGHTS???

Of course, I (Lalo) will retie the springs and replace all of the padding first. There is nothing worse than old musty insides.

Well, it's getting late. Please forgive my long absence.

My heart goes to France and Paris in particular. I feel that is is imperative that we each stand firm in our resolve to live our lives to the fullest. Denying entry to thousand of desperate Syrian refugees will not make us safer (but is will makes us meaner and more miserly); and besides, the enemy is already within. We must not allow the crazies to win on any front. And it is only by standing firm in our integrity that this will be achieved.

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  1. Dear Mary, we take the good with the not so good and computer issues always throw me for a loop!! Love the engraving and all of your keen choices!! Miss talking so write soon or call!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye

    1. Hi Karena, Yes, we do need to catch up. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and cheerleading over the past few years!! xoxoxo Mary