Monday, November 2, 2015


Tuesday, Roberto started the minor restorations to this adorable Venetian Secretaire. I had thought that the little section of painted molding above the "cubbies" was missing, but when My Secret Weapon opened the drawers, the little section of the original molding had been carefully placed in one of the drawers. You can see her bandaids, patiently waiting for Roberto to return to finish her up. After our good fortune in having an 18th c. key that fit the French Louis XVI Abattant perfectly, I checked my stash of keys for the Venetian Secretaire: on the third try I had a match. So now she comes complete with key and all original elements with the exception of one drop pull. When I was carefully inspecting the little desk today, I noted that she is constructed with hand-made dovetails and "square" hand-made nails which definitely dates the piece to the early 19th c. or perhaps earlier. (Look for square nails on the underside of drawers where the bottom would be attached to the sides and perhaps on the backs of the drawers. Many times, square nails show up on the backs of pieces.)
Here are just a couple updated photos

Bandaids are about to be applied

It's getting late and I've got to get up early tomorrow. AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN!!

Have a wonderful start to November 2015.

Mary, Jones & Cole

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  1. Mary, I thought I had commented on what a gorgeous piece this is! Then I emailed you today and it bounced back to me so email me as soon as you have a chance:

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    Artist Sandra Goroff