Sunday, December 13, 2015


Here is one-half of the crew (plus Jones). It's looking full of potential for Jones--at least one cookie, PLEASE.

However, his hopes quickly faded.......... the girls weren't sharing.

I've been a little slow getting into the Christmas spirit this year. But when Jones and I arrived home from the shop last night, the house smelled like sugar cookies, vanilla and lots of little girls. And I've definitely sprung into Holiday mode--even going out shopping today--I dislike Christmas shopping to the nth degree, but am determined to make this fun. 

I literally was dozing off at auction this week --it can get pretty boring and I somehow became separated from my bidding buddies (we keep each other focused) and lost out on two items that I had set my eye on

This is a mid-ching noire monchrome vase (18th c.) and they rarely come up for auction--I've sold several sang-de-boeuf (ox blood) examples. Although this particular vase has been drilled for a lamp, it is still a great example of this form of antique Chinese porcelain. I waited and waited for it to come to the block--I lost my focus... and away it went. Darn! I'm sure that the price point was low because of the drilling and hairline crack, but it was still gorgeous and large. Note to self--stay with friends.
But I did manage to stay focused enough to spend a chunk of change--I'll post photos in next blog.

Roberto starting restoration of Tommi Parzinger Table:

The table needs to be "tightened"; Roberto will remove the legs and clean out the old glue; then he will re-glue and clamp the legs for 48 hours. After the clamps come off, Roberto will do the touch up finish work to the frame. Once this stage has been completed, I'll take the table to my leather craftsman who will restore the leather top w/o harming the incised gilt scoring and stars...........It's a process, but once it's completed the table will be gorgeous.

Wishing ya'll a stress free pre-Christmas week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary I love seeing the children and Jones all gathered around, they are so adorable! I am wishing you a stress free (as Possible ) Holiday Season! Let me know if I can help you with anything special from India Hicks! You would love the Duchess bag!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Collection

  2. Hi Karena, Sent you a long email. last night. Hope that all is well and that Christmas preparations are smooth as silk. xoxo Mary

  3. Those girls....precious! Poor Jones ;-) Hope mommy gave him a big treat for being such a trooper.

    1. Hi Loi, Not to worry. Mr. Jones is one very spoiled dog. xoxo Mary