Friday, December 18, 2015


When I bought these guys, I didn't realize how amazing they really were as some (i____) had topped them with small, dorky, grandmotherly shades. These alabaster bases are very large--at least 18"-20"h and in mint condition. The plinths and toppers are gold leafed, but the best part is that the alabaster urns are lit from within

and they were definitely manufactured by Marbro Lighting in the 1960's. Those hefty flame finials are solid brass. Roberto thinks that the lamps weigh about 50 lbs. each. I've haven't seen anything similar to these guys. Although I originally thought they were ugly, I'm coming around to the aesthetic. I'm still debating whether to custom order shades for them--which will cost a pretty penny as even the frames will have to be custom.
Although the lamps have lost their Marbro stickers, there are several design elements that identify them as Marbro. Marbro usually used a double socket electrical configuration such as these; they normally attached brass or other types of balls to the pull chains; Marbro was well known for its unique custom bases and gold leafing of the wood elements. And finally, the remnants of the correct Underwriters Laboratories sticker is present on one of the sockets and the footprint of the Marbro sticker is also present.
Here are a couple of detail shots of the lamps

I think that I was on an Italian glass binge last Thursday.  I also bought this c. 1960's large opaline glass lamp that (I think) I can firmly attribute to Fontana Arte--these usually go for $$$, but I guess that I was the only bidder to check out the wiring--which was definity old French 220!!!! And this guy lights up in the bottom section, as well as the top glass shade. (I will need to acquire new electrical fittings/sockets and wiring) The spider that holds the shade is white painted brass which is a Fontana Arte feature. There are several current reditions (similar copies) of this lamp created today; so you really have to be careful when buying this form.

And then, I fell for a pair of 1960's Salviati (Murano) somerso and bullicante bookends in the form of a very fat apple and large pear. I grabbed this photo from pair is the same size (9"h pear), but in a gorgeous, nearly irridescent, green (ie--color is better).

And the last good thing that I bought was this signed Dansk Viking form ice bucket design by Jens Quistgaard. It didn't quite look like this, but Roberto waxed and rubbed and waxed until it was perfect.

Now, for the truth-telling--I also bought a couple of items that weren't great--but not everything has to be amazing.  Amazing can also mean a bit boring.

It's a bit too chilly to go to the p-a-r-k; so I'll take Jones to work tomorrow. He loves all of the attention.

Wishing you a fantastic pre-Christmas week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary what treasures! Those lamps are incredible and I would take some time considering what shades or let the customer pick them......thinking of you often!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Reason for the Season!

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you....yep still thinking about the shades. Did you receive my long email of a few days ago.....I'll try resending it. Sending love for a loving Christmas. xoxox Mary

  2. I agree with Karena: what treasures! Especially those lamps!! And they are so unique - I've never seen anything like them. Merry Christmas, Mary. Cheers, L

    1. Hi Loi, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Wishing you a wonderful time surrounded by all of those that you love. No one has seen any lamps quite like these puppies. xoxox Mary