Saturday, February 25, 2017


Thursday was just one of those days.......I had been very good over the past month. I truly did not buy anything!! So, when this past Thursday rolled around, I was pumped (which is really when I need to be the most conscious of what I'm bidding on); I knew that I was going to find something 

Setting the Stage: At the beginning of every Thursday auction there is a literal pile of what the auction has deemed to be second rate (could be junk)/low value items. Because everything is stacked--it's impossible to preview; so you have about 15-30 seconds after first seeing the item to bid.
I was standing watching "the show" when all of a sudden out pops a bar cart...a very dirty bar cart, with a ribber wheel falling off. I took one glimpse and thought, hmmmmm, that looks like Aldo Tura hardware on that cart, but the surface was so dirty I couldn't tell if it was lacquered goat skin parchment or just a plain surface. But I decided that the hardware was just too great to pass up. Well, I guess no one else was paying attention, but I bought the cart for only a bit more than a few pennies. The cart was definitely a gift from God. And I listened to that still small voice.
On close inspection, there are few little spots that need some attention and Roberto will spend a considerable about of time polishing the brass hardware. But when all is said and done, the cart will look like this

I'm not going to talk about TT (Times of Trump) today. I've been really active on-line, calling and writing this week........but I have taken a break from The News. But this break is motivating me to pick up the pace in my resistance. More and more action sites are making calling Members of Congress super easy; so there is no reason to reject making calls. What I discovered in my calling this week is that most Southern California Sheriffs departments say "we are focusing our efforts on apprehending criminals" not on regular people. This, to me, amounts to a quiet refusal to do Trump's heartless, stupid detention of Hispanic immigrants. So I'm hopeful that more and more law enforcement agencies and leaders will vote their consciences. This is cause for celebration.

Well, I'm off to bed.
Have a great week--xoxo

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