Sunday, February 19, 2017


Yesterday, I did a little spiffing up--decided to accessorize the elephant table to show her off a bit. Now that the lacquer has had 10 days to set, it should be OK to set stuff on.
There's a bit of a (tongue in cheek) story going on with the table--it's for explorers--the table top is carved Indian florals and Buddha images; the vintage US Navy telescope is for ocean voyages and, of course, the foot is to carry me on my travels.........I wonder if anyone else will see my subtle hints?
One of my favorite authors is Paulo Coelho. He inspires me to search for my best self. In this TT (time of trump--not my president) I thought I would highlight some of his wisdom taken from "Warrier of the Light"--we need to bring The Light and Love to our daily thoughts and actions. We need to become warriors to protect the rights that have been so hard-won; to protect the environment; social structures and our open, giving national identity. With that goal in mind, I'll be quoting from "Warrior" for the next few months.

    "A responsible Warrior is not someone who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, but someone who has learned to deal with the challenges of the moment".

This inspires me to focus on what particular action I can take today to move our country in a positive direction--maybe it's only writing one letter to a Representative; maybe it's only "taking action" on 3 or 4 petitions; maybe it's only a moment of prayer. But I'm conscious that this is the step taken in the Moment of Awareness (with no guilt or should-haves attached) that has the power to effect change. Conscious and joyful that I have the power to choose my actions and that I do have the power to effect change.
(I'm leaving the soap box, now)

The Palm Springs Modernism show is in full swing this week. I didn't make it out to the desert this week-end....maybe next year. But a couple of my items were included in dealers' booths. Happy Selling to all of the show dealers!

We are now officially out of the drought--and boy has it rained, with more on the way tomorrow. Thank you!
Must go feed the beasties and get ready to go to Pasadena.

Mary & Jones & Cole 


  1. Lots of treasures there! I LOVE that pair of side tables with the (smoked?) glass top and "X" form base - so chic.
    Happy weekend, my friend.

    1. Hi Loi. Yes, and if I can squeeze in anything else, there will be more. xoxo Mary