Friday, June 9, 2017


I did make pancakes for everyone yesterday morning.....definitely a time of celebration for me. I didn't realize how down I had become recently regarding TT (times of trump). How much I have been grieving. Yesterday's Comey Testimony brought me out of my funk. At least now a powerful step has been taken up the ladder to impeachment or prosecution. I know that there is still a long way to go before all of the T's have been crossed, but we are on our way.
AND I WAS BAD (not terribly bad, but still)

I know that the above table looks like a simple 19th c. leather top writing table---but it has a very unique distinguishing feature. It's shown in the second photo--yep, it's that amazing book stand on the left side of the table. The table measures about 40"-42" in width; so it's relatively small. And it is period William IV, dating to c. 1830-1835. The table appears to be all original and in excellent condition (a huge plus from where I stand as it doesn't require any restoration). How could I pass it up?? I'm definitely on a role with early 19th c. English furniture.
I also bought one of the trunks

Another early 19th c. piece--Chinese, but intended for the English market.
A very large English barrel back wing chair similar to this one, but upholstered in fabric and without the channeling was going for pennies; so that came home. I haven't decided whether to re-upholster the chair--we'll see.

And then to remind me of my childhood in Mexico, a fun large brass and abalone shell fish-form dish

Well, I guess that you can't sell from an empty cart... 

My prayers are for our incredible nation. I pray that we will be able to push partisanship to the side in order to re-establish a government whose top priority is to serve the best interests of all. Where money cannot buy power. Where all are truly considered equal. It is possible if we stand firm in defense of the Constitution.

Mary & Jones & Cole