Wednesday, June 7, 2017


This is one of the most beautiful pieces of contemporary/20th century Japanese lacquer that I have ever laid eyes on. It walked into The Center with another dealer and I had to have it. Jeremie quoted a very reasonable price and it became mine. The box isn't very big--maybe 9" x 6", but it seems to glow from within--here's a side view

The cinnabar red of the lower section of the box is just barely referenced in a fine red line intersecting the gold and tarnished silver elements. The artistry of the graphic pattern reminds me of exquisite silk.
When I see pieces of this beauty and creative artistry I am reminded of the nature of creation--always unfolding and revealing itself to those that take the time to listen. This box makes me listen.

Now on to Enough is Enough..........
I previewed My Auction today and I just do not want to buy a thing----enough is enough!!

I collect these 19th c. Chinese Export camphor wood trunks for the shop....but I have 6 Asian trunks (in all different sizes) I really need another one?-----I am sooooo tempted...............And the condition is phenomenal??
But the truth is I am filled-up/fed-up with sadness and disgust.........I cannot believe that our amazing country is being brought down by an individual who disparages all of what we hold valuable. Tomorrow--bright and early, I'm getting up to make a blue berry pancake breakfast for my family to celebrate Director Comey's testimony before The Senate and the Nation.
I lived and worked in Washington D.C. during the Watergate Era and would drive past The Watergate Office building every day to work........this is so much worse!!
I pray that tomorrow will signal the beginning of the end of this administration. I pray that Robert Mueller and the other investigative entities discover, expose and prosecute any individual would has been involved the The Russian Affair or who has covered up any criminal activity on the part of the President (going back even before the election).
I pray that Trump's ability to lie and bring us all down, serves as a loud and continuing call to reaffirm our commitment to personal integrity and governmental integrity.
I will be praying for our nation tomorrow==join me?

Mary & Jones & Cole 

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