Thursday, February 1, 2018


This is the final rack of Ives St. Laurent clothes to be auctioned tomorrow.
After 2 weeks of glorious St. Laurent creations and after the excitement of bidding on a few of the lots, this shot of tomorrow's final St. Laurent rack makes me sad. I would like to remember the numerous glorious creations of prior weeks; these pieces simply do not satisfy my earning for beautiful elegant design.
And there just isn't that much to bid on tomorrow..... I like this French bronze floral chandelier

I have another late 19th c. floral in cage form--but I like this one a bit better........but hard to sell right  now. Maybe?
I just sold this large Anglo-Raj mirror

 So perhaps, we should get this one??

I don't think it compares with the Indian mirror--but maybe I'm wrong.
I think that I'm a bit can be underwhelming and still be great. Life and choices and beauty all come in cycles. To stay with Spirit despite the ups and downs is the key.

Blessings for the day.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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