Monday, February 5, 2018

CHAIRS......and other addictions

I took this photo from Heather Clawson's latest Habitually Chic post. It's the dining room of Cliveden House..........Of course, it's absolutely gorgeous. My eye went directly to the chairs. Last week there was a set of 14 similar chairs that came to the block--they all needed to be reupholstered (a very pretty penny) and I couldn't figure out where to store them in the amount of time that they were being auctioned (1/2 min)---they sold for $250 dollars and I kicked myself.......and then to add insult to injury, I saw the above chairs on Heather's post and almost cried. Fortunately, when I was picking up this week's loot (more on that later), I spotted 9 more of THE CHAIRS and these do not need any work---all redone in ivory leather and they will be mine (hopefully)!!!

Sometimes you do get a second chance.......

I have a new boyfriend and I love him

He came all dressed up to party.
Last week was a very good week (we're moving on from the Cliveden House chairs). I snagged a gorgeous Meiji Bronze and mixed metal vase, now a lamp--I think that everyone else had their eyes blinded as I was the only bidder. This vase is beautifully sculpted with a pair of high relief Ho-Ho Birds (I'm calling them cockerels)

The lamp measures 28" to bottom of electrical fittings; so with an appropriate shade, the total height of lamp will be close to 40"--impressive. The high relief sculpting is all in perfect condition, including the spurs to the birds' feet.
And continuing with my passion for all things Japanese, I bought this Edo period, early 19th c. Bronze hibachi that would make a wonderful orchid display planter

It seems that we are back to drought in Southern California.........we have only had a couple of rainy days (unfortunately, bringing the disastrous Santa Barbara floods) so far this winter and with none on the horizon, we desperately need our rainy season to show up.
Yes, climate change is real. We need prayers for radical change in the prevailing governmental policies. We need increased funding for disaster relief that includes all Americans!! We need a government that respects scientists in the various arenas where public policy comes into play. We need that change now.
That said...the weather today is glorious: 69* and breezy here at the beach; 78* in Los Angeles proper...
Hoping that everyone up North and East manages to stay warm and dry and safe.
Blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


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