Sunday, December 16, 2018


Last Thursday I bought this gorgeous nude by listed California artist, Wade Reynolds (1929-2011). I loved this modern painting done in chiaroscuro, suggesting an Italian Renaissance reference. I also liked the  wide mid-20th c. frame.
But he is the big no-no??? I became so enthralled with the depth of character revealed in the painting that I discounted the damage done to the canvas. And it is looking pretty bad as I enlarge the photos 
:(  :(   .......I have a pretty good paintings restorer. I'll call Bob next week and see what he says.

Drum Roll..............

There is a new Bravo design show scheduled for next year.........and guess where they were filming an episode??? Yep, that right!!!!!!! My spaces (I have quite a few) at the Pasadena Antique Center. The new design series is called "Best Room Wins"===two designers face off every week to compete. The young designer was really cute, but not very knowledgeable--so I coached him. I loved the crew--they worked seamlessly using a minimum of words to get their point across, very low key and smooth. Recognize the Warren Platner chairs?

I can't believe that Christmas is next week!!!!! Haven't bought any presents, done any planning, etc.
It's not that I am rejecting Christmas--I guess that it's the gift-giving that has me stymied. I love having everyone get together as family to celebrate and decorating and cooking and baking. But I'm pretty much over gift giving. Maybe next year.......

NEXT YEAR-----will this finally be the year that we see trumpism defeated? That Tea Party Republicans return to a desire to "collude" with Democrats to govern our amazing nation? I'm waiting, praying and taking actions.

Sending blessings for the week!!!!

Mary, Jones & Cole

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