Sunday, December 23, 2018


...........Actually, we are not having either goose or turkey or roast beef this year. I'm honoring the Mexican part of me so we are having Chicken in Salsa Verde Enchiladas, Salmon baked with pesto & spinach and Ham. Thank goodness we over-bought because we are having an additional 6 for dinner tomorrow which will make 21-22 (I think?) and I love it when the house overflows.....
I love traditional Christmas trees.......that said, this year I really wanted this tree

What could be better than an antler tree--I can even imagine how I'd decorate it.........there is only one small problem: the tree (although re-usable) costs about $13,000 on 1stdibs.

My Christmas wish list this year includes some of the following immensely necessary items:

The most gorgeous pair of onyx (?) obelisks that I have ever seen--and they are big guys, too. (For either side of the antler tree?)

The most extravagantly beautiful (I think Regency?) "Gothic" Hall Chairs. I'm not sure where I'd place them, but they are perfection.

I think I could skip the other two wish list items, if Santa would only bring me this pair of unequaled early 18th c. Queen Anne Japanned side chairs.

I am so grateful for the past year --it has been one of learning, stretching, growing, grieving and grasping just a bit more the meaning of being present. These are the gifts that fill my soul and lift me up. 

(I cannot leave this week w/o mentioning the very tenuous position our democracy is in--please pray that we will reach a place of restoration soon. To shut down the government over a temper tantrum, to leave millions without a pay check, to waste billions of dollars and put our national security at risk in unconscionable. I could go on and on and on. Prayer for deliverance and thanksgiving for the blessings we have are the way forward.)

Just to leave with a bit of whimsy and a touch of addiction. G. bought this gorgeous example of an Antony Redmile (British mid-late 20th c. artist) sculpture. My shop is brimming with animal-themed decorative items; so this guy fits right in.

Wishing everyone a wonderful loving Christmas.

Mary & Jones (needs prayers) and Cole


  1. Dear, dear Mary, HELLO!!!!!!

    First of all, I did not know you had Mexican in you! I AM TOO! My father was born in Mexico and my mother's parents were too! I love to hear about your Mexican-inspired Christmas dinner. We used to eat tamales with the family, many years ago when everyone was together. Oh Mary, how lovely is your visit to my blog, thank you. I will keep Castles Crowns and Cottages, but I seriously need to make 2019 the year I start my business. Friends, neighbors and on-line friends keep encouraging me to do so, and I want to do it right. I also agree with you on the state of our democracy; to take government workers hostage is beyond and below what the idea of this country should be. Yes, let's pray for 2019 to take us upward and onward.

    1. Hi Anita, I was raised in Mexico, but am 95% Irish by descent. Just the opposite of what would be expected. Blessing to you. Everyone of us needs to follow their dreams and passions. You must follow yours. I can't wait to read the updates on where this path is leading you. xoxo Mary