Monday, June 29, 2020


Just when you think you have everything lined up to work smoothly, life takes an intervening step and new paths must be found.
My weekly auction haunt has changed its structure as a result of COVID-19.....They are not going to be having weekly on-site least for now everything has gone online and the competition is fierce. No more weekly "sleepers" for me. And I'm bummed (with a capital "B").
But I did get this amazing pair of lamps last week...and paid dearly for them (unhappy face inserted here)

This great pair of mid-20th century lamps was created by William (Billy) Haines who used 19th century Chinese Pale Celadon vases to form the bases of the lamps. The vases measure 19" in height which, when added to the height of the electrical fittings, brings the total height of the lamps to about 33 inches. There might be a signature on the bottom of the vases when I take them apart, the wood plinths upon which the vases sit are typical Billy Haines--tall lacquered wood, with the characteristic switch located at the back of the base. One original finial remains and it is painted in typical Billy Haines fashion. Additionally, the lacquered wood shaft leading to the double socket electrical fittings is a typical design element of Billy Haines Lamps. I love the Pale Crackle Glazed Celadon vases--which have considerably value in their own right.
I'll post better photos of the lamps this week, once I get them into the shop.

Now, I'm off to tilt at more windmills.

Blessings for the week.


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