Saturday, July 4, 2020


Like for so many small business owners, the past 4 months have been a challenge (huge)......For me personally, simply keeping focused on personal growth has been my biggest hurdle. (I admit to a bit of fear of back-tracking along my quests because I'm stuck at home without being challenged) But then, there is the fact that buying has also been a big challenge as there is little to buy and I've got to keep watch over a negligible cash flow........soooo I decided to inspect items that I bought ages ago, but never really put on display. First up--I had Roberto retrieve this large giltwood frame from behind an armoire

Do you see that little tag at the bottom of the gilt frame? Yep, it says "Degas" and there is a an old sticker on the back indicating the original seller. Jackson and Graham was a high-end London decorative arts dealer active during the same period that Degas was at his most creative..........
I was going to list this frame for $450......but after checking out other similar frames (and without provenance)--I can easily price it at triple that number. (Organizing seems to be paying off--plus, it's still a hunt)

Then I decided to photograph a pair of silver plate candlesticks that had been sitting in the back of a cabinet for a couple of years

These sticks were tarnished--so we polished them and I really checked them out........hahaha!! They are Sheffield and in super condition. They have a Regency form (early 19th c.) and the only copper showing through is in the interior of the bobeches...

My $195 candlesticks just jumped way up. These sticks have the original felt covering the iron base. And the fabrication method is that of 19th century Sheffield sticks.
(Note: the most important part of a candlestick without hallmarks in determining its age is the bottom where the construction is revealed.)

At least a year ago I bought this little Imari lamp thinking it was not great and never looked at it again...

She's pretty cute--the porcelain dates to the Meiji period and it was probably electrified in the 1950s. So she's being rewired and I think I have a shade that just might work.
I've discovered a few more treasures---I think I'll keep on cleaning up and organizing.............

Update: Here's a better photo of the Billy Haines lamps. I ordered shades from Restoration Hardware and Jon Michael will come on Tuesday to rewire them.... and then they will be ready to post.

I love that crackle glaze!!

I am not celebrating the 4th of July this year. I have, instead, prayed for a renewed national commitment to taking the necessary steps to move us forward out of bigotry and division. Discarding partisan politics........we need to unite to work for the "greater good".........we need to remove the stain of the last four years. Restoration, redemption and growth can happen, but it's not going to be a quick fix. We need to all arise from slumber to actively participate in the coming elections.

Blessings for the week.


  1. November 2016 I vowed to not fly the American flag until "he" was out of the White House - I was disappointed in our country then, and remain so today. Do the right thing America and redeem yourself.

    1. Hi Eileen, Thank you for joining me. He will be defeated. People want to excuse and justify his behavior (and that of the sycophants that cling to him)--but he is evil as seen but the destruction that he mandates, the untold deaths due to Corona, the blatant racism and so many other sociopathic actions. We can defeat this man and begin to heal.